Senior Homeownership
Preservation Project

Call the SHOPP Hotline
at 773-262-7801

Are you a Reverse Mortgage (HECM) borrower
struggling to meet tax and insurance expenses?
HOPE counselors may be able to help you!

HOPE’s Senior Homeownership Preservation Project (SHOPP) assists Reverse Mortgage (HECM) borrowers who are struggling and facing default on their HECM mortgages because they were unable to pay their property taxes and/or homeowners insurance.
HOPE’s HUD-certified HECM counselors will:
  1. Provide individual phone counseling for borrowers
  2. Provide budget counseling
  3. Contact and negotiate with mortgage servicers to help resolve the problem
  4. Provide borrowers with appropriate referrals to help
SHOPP is a national initiative and is offered free of charge to HECM borrowers and their families.
HOPE is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency.  Since 2011, our counselors have provided tax and insurance default counseling for approximately 2,500 HECM borrowers nationwide who were in default and at risk of foreclosure.
HOPE is able to offer this free service because of generous support from the Retirement Research Foundation.

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