Comments from HOPE reverse mortgage clients

“I was blown away with [my counselor’s] professionalism. She has a magical way of conveying information with pure respect to the person she is talking with. I was especially appreciative of her attention to detail when I asked questions. Her diligence and dedication is elevated by her enthusiasm. She was willing to spend the time it took, in meticulous explanations of the breakdown of the numbers. …. She certainly went the extra mile and made huge strides in the significance of my understanding the complicated subject!”

“I know so much more about reverse mortgages since talking with my counselor. She made clear exactly how the loan works, my choices in taking loan funds, and how to use lender language to be on top of this thing. I would highly recommend HOPE for anyone wanting to understand reverse mortgages and the loan process.”

“Thanks so much for the certificate and all the helpful information you provided. You are well suited as a counselor – your expertise and explanation of the subject matter really helped give me a better overall understanding of each aspect of the reverse mortgage process.”

“It is difficult to find the right words to express my gratitude for the way you conducted my Reverse Mortgage Counseling session yesterday. You completely covered the questions and misconceptions I had about this loan process. I daresay you also made me aware of the most productive choices i could make in choosing a Lender.”

“I really appreciated your kind and patient manner throughout the entire session.” 

“Thanks to you, we got an amazingly better deal. We are getting the margin reduced and the origination fee waived on our refinance. All the things you suggested that we try to get. Thank you so much. The call to you was very good for us financially.”

“You are the one contact that will give us the correct information so we understand how we can be sure at closing and every year thereafter we are getting the correct adjustable interest rate.”

“It was our pleasure to speak to such a sweet, knowledgeable individual as yourself.  You were absolutely excellent and caring.  We learned so much from you and the documents you sent us are so full of information.  It was our wise choice to pick HOPE for our counseling, why go anywhere else when they have all the answers and wonderful personnel.”

“I enjoyed meeting with you, and I could tell you have so much knowledge of the reverse mortgage system, and a big heart too!”

“Your knowledge and expertise, and especially your patience in making sure we understood what we needed to understand is something that made a scary endeavor easy.

“As I made the decision to pursue a reverse mortgage, I knew that counseling was required.  My initial attitude towards the counseling was not unlike my requirement for continuing legal education – a necessary evil to be tolerated. …. But what I didn’t appreciate is the “art of the deal” that [my counselor] led me to consider.  She advised me to shop around, and the results were amazing – and overwhelming.  [With her help,] I was able to analyze with a sharper eye the quotes and to choose with some level of confidence the quote that best suited my purposes.”

“This is a major, emotional decision. We really need people like you to talk with.”

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